What's Next For The Gemini Beta?

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Gemini has come a long way since it first started. It's just too bad I didn't take pictures. Well, there's a lot left to do in this beta stage.
Here are the ones I can think of right now:

1. Security Update - Coming in a few days.
- A security update is needed for a few areas. Mind you, these do not compromise your account in any known way.
They are more so lapses on my part that may have left a window of opportunity if someone was a bit more clever than most. 
No worries, these will be patched up.

2. Message formating,
- Messages are the most underutilized feature on the site and that meant I never realized just how bad they looked.
Now that I know.. I am going to fix it. Not only fix it, but make it better with actual formatting involved!

3. Gemini Coins
- No set date of arrival, but they should eventually come out. Gemini Coins will be meant as a purely crowdfunded support of the site. We don't want to have to use ads to try and stay afloat. Your direct support is much appreciated.

4. Better/More robust Server Filtering.
- You may not see it -- well you shouldn't see it or that would be bad -- but the backened for server filtering is currently a joke at this point and needs to be reworked.
I've learned a bit since I built the system, so I could definitely use what I learned.

5. Server pages
- Server pages are supposed to be the biggest part of a server's listing. As far as things are right now. They are semi-useless. Though players can vote for your server, they can't do much else.
I'm looking into some features that I think would be cool and I am also wanting suggestions on what to add. That brings me to the next point.

6. Style/Layout.
- You can say it. Gemini is pretty "meh" when it comes to looking like a modern website. I'm so terrible at artistic work that I beat myself up about it and can never make it right in the end.
I will keep at it and try to make it work. Bare with me.

7. Server Reviews
- Knowing if a server is what you want in a server can be hard to tell based on just what you can see out of the game. And sometimes it's inconvienent to jump on a server just to try it out. It may as well be impossible if the server is whitelisted/greylisted. Thus, server reviews! Share your opinion on a server and recommend it if you like it. 
- Server reviews are currently implemented, but there is no way to view reviews yet.

And more, but like I said this is what I could remember. 



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