What's Coming In The Future? 7/5/2021

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Welcome back! It has been quite some time since I have been able to work on any updates or features for the site. I am finished with classes for the time being, which means I will be resuming work on a bunch of stuff listed on the Trello board.

Here's what that entails.

(Note: No dates will be given and no guarantees for a feature to be added)


  1.  Application System

    1. The application system will include RCON support. This means that when someone applies through your server's form they can be granted access based on your pre-determined settings. For example, a greylisted server could allow a new player to submit an application to start playing immediately by granting them privileges. Once you review their application and decide if they will be allowed or not, another automated command will be issued based on your selection.

    2. Caveat: While developing the RCON implementation, I came across an issue within Spigot itself that will not allow RCON commands to use some plugin commands. I have a potential solution and will provide details when the feature is ready


  2. Improved "Reviews" section.

    1. Reviews play a role in helping a player determine whether a server might be a good fit or not. 

    2. Reviews are not meant as a means to bash or slander and will be reviewed by Gemini Servers moderators to prevent abuse.


  3.  Events

    1. More details to be revealed at a later time. (It's one feature I am personally excited about!)


  4. Two-factor Authentication

    1. 2FA is an important security feature that I believe should be on almost all websites. Especially those on which you spend money. In our case, it's more to keep accounts absolutely secure. If and when we add our "Gemini coins/purchase" store, this will be a must.


  5. Server Recruitment section

    1. I know how difficult it is to find good help. Luckily I have amazing friends that love gaming as much as I do. 

    2. Server recruitment is a risky business and will be done at your own risk. This section will allow everyone to post a sort of "resume" style page about themselves and provide links/images/videos to prove they can do what they say they can to help you find the help you need.


  6. General Quality of Life improvements

    1. There are a bunch of smaller tweaks and changes that I want to make.

    2. Including: Adding server difficulty displays to server pages

    3. Updating the notification system

    4. Creating more icons for use around the site

    5. Making the site prettier.

    6. Adding more games to the site.

    7. Creating an embed for use on forums/websites

    8. Adding more analytics displays/data to help you gauge interest.

    9. And many more things, some I may not have thought of yet!


This list is not every single thing I have on my plate, but it is a few larger features. Especially things that you as a user will be able to use. As always I love to hear feedback and ideas! I will also make sure to do my research on other platforms to see what they are offering and try to at least match it. All while keeping features free for basic use.


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