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We have released our latest visual update for Gemini Servers. Paired with this exciting, mostly updated look, we also have a few optimizations and a server list addition that has been a long time coming!

First, the visual look. This change brings a much-needed refresh that provides a consistent style across pages while removing the greyness the website had too much of. This change was not just for the visual aspect of it, it will provide the basis for the eventual release of Dark Mode!

Secondly, we have optimized a few parts of the site. The most notable change involves checking server status. We have begun utilizing an external API for our Minecraft status updates to greatly increase the speed at which the status is updated. This change will open up the opportunity for us to begin tracking online player counts for display for either server owners or on server pages for players to reference. 

Other optimizations include removing 16,000 lines of inefficient code and bringing together some systems to more easily add new server list types in the future.

Thirdly, and to go off of the last one, Bedrock servers can now be added to the list! Advertise your bedrock server for free!

There will be plenty of updates going forward as I look to implement a dark mode to the site and think of what features to try to implement as well.

Let me know what you think! 

See you again very soon,


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