Voting Issues Update: [Updated x5]

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[Update #5]
So I am continuing to see the 500 error. I know where it's coming from, but haven't been able to fix it just yet. Sorry...

[Update #4]
I located the cause of the voting issue and based on a few tests I ran, the issue hasn't occured. I will again test via multiple locations tomorrow, but so far so good.
I'm hopeful.


[Update #3]

I'm definitely going to have to go through and recode the script with better error handling which means the introduction of the error page which I will begin introducing into all code incrementally.

[Update #2]

I ended up voting from another location and noticed the same issue occurring, so I'm going to rework the script a bit later today.



[Update #1]
I've done a little bit of tweaking around with voting. Adding in some checks for things I wasn't checking before. Based on a few tests it seemed to fix most of the issues. If you notice issues continuing to occur, please leave a comment below and I will dive deeper!


[Original Post]
So I'm noticing some strange issues with voting. It's too late to fix tonight so I'm going to hunker down tomorrow and hopefully clean up the voting script and get it back to work like it should be.
For now, please be patient. I am seeing that votes are being counted the majority of time, but that for whatever reason it hangs up when trying to vote twice and in a few other situations.

I'll get it cleared up and setup some more error tracking going forward.

It has also been brought to my attention that servers aren't showing up on user profiles. Strange and not intended. Not a big priority, but I will look into that as well!

Feel free to check out RestingGryphons minecraft server and vote to help them out! Thanks for joining, RG.


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