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Minor fixes/updates. Pretty much the few things I mentioned in the post from this morning. Server list filter options for servers that are small, medium, large, and huge are implemented and working. However, this is a manual filtering option on my part right now. At some point down the line I will be implementing a system that will take the vote count on the server at the end of the month and adjust the servers positioning accordingly. 

At the moment, server size is determined by the amount of votes the server gets. This encourages server owners to get their players active which also means it may encourage servers to offer some kind of reward for your votes. Win win!

Usernames are no longer stuck to my name. :)

I didn't have time to work on the claim feature or the caching fix, but those will be coming. It feels like I say this a lot... Maybe I should actually work on it!

Anyways, if you notice any issues. Especially those pesky 500 internal server errors. Let me know!



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