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The server list as we, mainly I, know it is a bit... barren... oh and on the technical side, clunky. But why, Codewow?

Well, simple... I haven't been advertising the site and I haven't been caching results. 

What's caching?

Caching is storing data locally from an outside source to increase load times and not unecessarily ping those outside sources.

What is happening not to make it clunky?

As of right now, the site pings every server on page it's loading to check if it's online or offline. Each time you load the page... So if you decide to refresh, it pings that server again.
It's redundant and completely unecessary. 

What is going to change is that I am going to store a server's online status and update it when someone views the servers page AND if it hasn't been updated in an hours time, updated it automatically.
That should make the site load faster as well as cut down on all that extra work needed on the server's end.

There are some other ideas I have been thinking up... But I don't know quite how to execute them just yet.

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