The SSS Update! (Some Server Settings)

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Based o the title you know what this one's about. Server settings, yes wonder settings! Unfortunately only a few while I work out what else to add. (Suggestions appreciated)

Here's what has been added:

1. Disable commenting -- Disables future commenting, but retains all comments that have already been posted. Typically this feature should be turned off before people comment. If this setting is abused to make servers look better than they actually are, we may warn/punish the server owner.

2. Remove ALL comments. -- Completely removes comments from the server page whether old or new. [This doesn't disable commenting. Any comments posted after this option is in use will still show up if this option is turned off.

3. Disable voting. -- Self-explanatory. It removes voting capability from your server page. [This is highly discouraged as you will no longer move up on the list.]

4. Disable Server -- This option is not yet functional, but will be soon. It basically marks your server as inactive and hides it from the server list. This option will be utilized by admins if a server is deemed "offline" for a certain amount of time.

5. Whitelist/GreyList/None -- not added yet, because I literally just remembered it. Will add it soon.

As for settings, so far that's it. If you have any ideas for some features and such, let us know. 



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