The Next Update Might Scare You.

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If you've been on the internet for more than a year, this next gemini update may freak you out a bit. It won't be happening within the next few days I don't believe, but it will be a rather uncommon addition to websites.

Advertisements. Yes, ads. Wait! Before I lose you let me clear this up!

Don't fret! This next update is going to involve the addition of toggle-on ads. That means that by default advertisements will be off and no where on the website for you.

So how will this work? Well, the idea is that everyone hates advertisements, while at the same time advertisements DO actually help pay for things on the creators end.
Which is why there will be a button you will be able to press that will toggle ads to show. But if you never hit this button, you will never see an ad.

We will never ad pop-up ads.

The ads we will be using are banner ads and box ads. That's it. There should be nothing more if you decide to help us out by turning them on.
So don't worry. This won't affect anyone. And if you have an adblocker, more power to you. I have one as well.


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If you decide to hide ads, Consider supporting me directly. :-)

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