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As with any website, you're never really finished developing it. We always want to be changing and adapting to the ever changing landscape. That's what this is all about.

To keep everyone informed on what's going on with Gemini Servers I wanted to list off some things that are still in the works.


1. Comment editing and deleting rework. 
-- editing and deleting comments is either not functional or extremely basic and inefficient. This is my current focus.

2. All other editing and deleting functionalities.

-- Server reviews currently cannot be deleted or edited without contacting support. This isn't final functionality and is also in the works.

3. CoreProtect Log Viewer

-- A log viewer web interface for the CoreProtect plugin. Useful for admins and moderators to review logs while not in game.

4. More functionality for the server pages. 
-- Website links, social media links, and more for server owners to help direct players where they need to go.

5. Server Applications 
-- Currently server applications only notify server owners that someone has applied. In the future, server applications will have the ability to automatically interact with the server to give players permissions without any need for a staff member being in-game.


6. A lot more! Feel free to suggest a feature! I'm open to everything.


For any questions, please feel free to contact us using any means necessary. Through social media, through our contact page, messages or even comments!


Keep on updating,

Gemini Servers Admin

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