Server Name Enforcement + Hiding Your Server IP

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Server Name Enforcement update:

Server names are now required to be less than 26 characters long. This includes with spaces. (This can change) 
Servers are also limited to using only a few special characters. These characters are: spaces ( ), single quotes/apostrophe ( ' ), dashes ( - ), and underscores ( _ ).
This new enforcement will prevent listings from breaking because browsers encode special characters when sending them as data. It also forces names to be cleaner and more concise.

Hiding Your Server IP:

We received an email this morning asking if it was possible to add your server without having the ip public. This is a helpful way to promote your new server without allowing people to connect. 
We recommend utilizing whitelists or a greylist in most situations to prevent player access, but we feel this option also bears better security implications for server owners.

As a side update:

Server owner names are now displayed on the server info panel so players know who to compose a message to utilizing our messaging functionality.
Servers should hopefully not have broken icons when added to the list anymore. We'll see though. You never know. 

If you have any ideas, suggestions, requests, etc, please feel free to let us know in any way you see fit! We're always looking to expand our feature set and functionalities to improve both your experience and your players!

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