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Just implemented the tiered server listings. Not exactly how I imagined it, but it will get improved overtime. Would be nice to see servers on them though to test them out.


Ever since Gemini Servers was just a mere concept, the goal was to make sure smaller servers have greater precedent than the already well-known huge servers.
Admittedly, Gemini is currently that. Not that we have so many server that it matters at this point.

That being said, my intention for this weekend is to split the list into sections. Mixed, Small, Medium, and Large servers.

The implementation will start out as votes per month. Aka if your server receives 1 to 500 votes in a single month, your server is considered "small".
501 - 1,000 = Medium
1,001 - 5,000 = Large
5,001+ = "Viral/Professional" < Not really sure what the best way to describe it would be.

Note that these numbers are subject to change. 5k for a large server is very easy to reach. Hypixel is considered "professional" and they get around 30,000 votes a month, so these numbers may not be the best balance. That's where we watch and see how servers perform for votes.

Anyways, that's the plan that I will be attempting to complete within the next two days.

Update: Oh and I fixed the voting issue that I just stumbled upon...

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~ Codewow

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