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Reviews have existed for some time now. You can review your favorite server right this very moment, but viewing those reviews isn't possible at this time. That will change within the next two weeks or so.

Also aplications are a big part of servers these days. They help keep those hit and run trolls from griefing instantly when they join. They also help owners and admins keep track of their new player intake, how many players total, etc. So the application feature will be coming within the next two weeks as well. I begun work on it right before beggining this post. 

I just wanted to get it out there to build that hype.... *cough*

Like I said, these things should be implemented in their basic state within two weeks and then following that they will be built upon within the week or two following release.

The expansions of the two will include being able to see all of your reviews in one place, edit them, even delete them. That also includes server owners having a place to view reviews, receive notifications of new reviews of their server, reply to the review in the comments, report the review, and some other things.

Applications will follow similar strides. Server owners will have notifications, be able to comment on them, be able to accept and decline (with reason) them and more.

Here's to more features,


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