Recent Gemini Servers Outage Explained

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First and foremost, anyone who is subscribed to our news posts can expect to get another email similar, if not the same as this one.

To all of you,

I apologize.

We had an outage that began at 2:00 am (CDT) on March 28th, that lasted up until a few moments before this was published.

This outage was not planned on our side. While we were aware that our host intended on running this maintenance schedule, they failed to inform us that this would be a complete outage rather than limited services.

We are also displeased, and frankly upset, with the way they handled this maintenance.

They failed to provide proper notification to us as a service provider. We would have been sure to notify all registered users prior to any maintenance commencing about the downtime.

But that isn't all of the issues we had with their process. They also failed to redirect users to a proper maintenance page. Instead showing a 404 page as if the website never even existed, to begin with.

This frustrates me on a personal level as I have poured my heart and soul into Gemini Servers. I have aimed to create one of the best, if not the best, and entirely free server list services on the internet.

I have spent the last 6 years teaching myself and improving the website as a whole so that everyone who wants to build a community can compete with even the large networks that pull in thousands of dollars a month.

Now that we are back, I look forward to communicating with our community further on what we can do to improve our service. I will begin looking into ways we can ensure something like this is never out of our hands again.

Something that I feel everyone should know is that while we offer services for free. The services we use like our web hosting, email, APIs, etc are not. I pay out of pocket hundreds of dollars a year currently to keep the site running.

I do it out of a passion, and I will continue to do so for as long as I am financially capable.

In our current position, we are limited on the scale of services we can offer. In the future, we will need to have a dedicated server for this site. Which, on a good year, costs roughly $6,000 - $10,000.

Not including all of the other aspects of services, licensing, etc

What I am saying is that while I will ensure you that all services will always be offered for free. I absolutely need your support going forward. Whether that means you spread the word about us, disable your ad blocker while you browse around, use our paypal donation link to throw a dollar our way, or whatever you possibly can to support us, I, as well as every single person that uses our website, would greatly appreciate it. 

Moving forward I will begin posting a monthly transparency report that will include all of our ad-revenue we have generated, any donations and the amounts that were donated, affiliate links, as well as any other support that we may receive. 

I ensure you, you will be shocked at those numbers. (They roughly total $1 USD a month.)

Until we meet again,

Codewow/Dylan Graham

Gemini Servers Creator/Administrator

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