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I just wanted to provide some quick info about your server pages here that may not be obvious to users from the start.


1st: You can add a discord widget to your page through your server settings. (After you have already verified your server)


2nd: You can add a single YouTube video to your page through your server settings.


3rd: You can enable and disable multiple aspects of your server page. Including, voting, vote history graphs, comments, and server page visibility. 

4th: You can utilize the applications feature (Work in Progress) on Gemini Servers to allow players to apply for your greylist or whitelist. 

This feature, as stated previously, is currently being developed and only displays the application. You cannot directly interact through this feature at this time. 

Apart from your server, there are multiple communications related settings that we have set to disabled automatically. 

Mostly email related communications for when your server gets reviewed, a comment is posted on your server, a news update is posted (such as this one) and more. 

As always, we are committed to providing the best possible service we can. So if you have any suggestions or questions. Please let us know through any means necessary. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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