New Feature - Delete your server!

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The long-awaited ability to delete your own server is here!

For those looking to have their server removed from the list permanently, the delete button is located at the very bottom of your server settings.

You are required to type "DELETE" in all caps. 

Followed by your current password in the input below it.

Click the "Delete Server" button, and you're done.

If somehow you managed to do this by accident, an email is sent out to your current email with a cancellation link. Using the link will revert your server deletion.

NOTE: If you delete your server, another user can add a server with your server name! If you don't want to use your server page, but want to retain the name, disable your server instead.

This has been on the backlog for quite some time and I decided to go through the backlog and knock out a few features. If you have suggestions on features, let me know in the comments below!

See you again soon,


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