New caching system & claim method.

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It took a few hours, but I've managed to get everything ready and have alreadyb implemented them entirely. That being said, I'll just say these changes/additions are in beta as of right now.

The new caching system utilizes will cache a single server every minute. This is all well and good for the time being, but I'm struggling to find my small mistake that is causing it to just cache that single server when I have a limit of 5 max at a time. Either way I've already noticed a big difference in page load time improvement. So that's good! WE'll see how that turns out as the list continues to grow.

Now the main addition. The claim feature. It's simple. Log in to your account (or make one if you don't have one yet). Go to your server's page. And click that "Claim Your Server" link just above your server details.

From there you will be instructed to verify your server is in your physical control by updating it's MOTD with the provided claim code. Restart your server and click that submit button. If it all checks out. You will get a success message and be pointed to your server settings page to update any settings you'd like. (It would probably be a good idea to enable comments and voting once you claim your server!)

I've also done some other tweaks to various things. Styled the pagination on the list so it's not a jumbled line of text.

But yeah. That's about it for tonight. More to do tomorrow... When I figure out what to do.


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