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1. It's been quite some time since I mentioned our new host.. and our new name… The new name part hasn't happened yet and I'm not really sure when it will. I just can't think of anything! Regardless of all of that, for personal reasons, I am still not going to be able to work on many updates for the next few weeks. The least I can do is note out what is currently on our board of to-dos.

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1. This is an SEO thing and is kind of important to get your page seen by search engines.
1. This affects every page on the website and can potentially break current links. So it'll be a process.

2. Minecraft player count tracking.
1. With our new host, it allows us to track player counts. So we need to develop for it.

2. A major piece of the website is some way for us to make money to provide services, so a service purchase page is a necessary evil.
1. This will not detract from all of the features having a free tier!

2. We also need to update Google Analytics.
3. Update the admin pages to utilize new tools.
4. Add an opt-out button for emails in the event you don't want to log in to opt-out.
5. We need a schedule for deleting images that were marked for deletion.
6. Add 2FA
7. Re-implement the “applications” system
8. Implement the RCON system.
9. And dozens more.

Thank you all for using the site. Share the love by telling others about us! I'll talk to you soon.


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