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As I have progressed over the years. There's always one thing that is apparent. All my previous work is pretty crap in comparison to anything current.
Because of that, and because of always want to improve upon what I already have. I am back and working on Quality of Life changes and other improvements and features. They may be sparse and sporadic, but they will be released over time.

I want Gemini Servers to be the next big server list. Not just for myself, but for all the gamers out there. That entails a lot of changes. 
One big change was our move to include ads by default that are toggleable to turn off. This helps with covering costs for work needed on the code of the website and servers to run it all.

The big push forward may also include our move to more games. That's still to be seen. I think it would be great to grow the server-type base, while obviously separating it from each type.

The main focus right now is to get Java Edition Minecraft into a settled place. Then get Bedrock in as well. I had some troubles with Bedrock because of some port protocol issues on the hosting side. That may require some higher end hardware to push forward.
That means we need some kind of cash flow to help cover the expensive servers that would be meant to run it all.

Until then, we will be the minecraft list and I am happy with that. My minecraft server has run for many years now and I always enjoy the community. 

I hope everyone is enjoying Minecraft 1.14.3. We'll see you soon.
Have a safe and fun 4th of July!


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