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Gemini Servers will be doing some house cleaning soon. Details below.

Just a heads up to Minecraft Server owners.

The list will be updated to officially be sorted by votes at the end of this week. We’ve received feedback that the list doesn’t offer enough visibility for votes. Despite anyone being able to bump their server to the top of the list just by viewing their page. 

If you disagree with this change or feel there is a better way. Please let us know in our feedback-suggestions channel on Discord!

A separate but important change is that servers that have been offline for over 3 months will automatically be removed from display on the list (not disabled!) servers offline for 1 year we’ll attempt to contact the owner. If the server remains offline for another year after that it will be archived and the name will open up for use. 

Servers that are currently offline for over a year will have an email sent out following the listing being removed. This should clean up the list a bit and make newer servers or servers with fewer votes more visible.

As for major features coming soon, if you're not apart of our Discord server. We are releasing sneak peaks on the new content feed and comment enhancements being worked on. 

Happy Holidays everyone. 

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