Minecraft Java Edition 1.7 - 1.18 Security Vulnerability

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Update to 1.18.1 as soon as possible. Both server owners and players should update.

If you have not already heard Minecraft version 1.7 all the way to the latest release of the Caves and Cliffs: Part II update 1.18 includes a security vulnerability that can allow a capable malicious user to hijack your entire computer through remote code execution. It is highly recommended that all users that continue to play the game make sure that whichever client they are using is fully updated. This also includes the launcher in which you are using. Mojang has released 1.18.1 that fixes this issue and we encourage everyone to make the move. We can confirm that Spigot has also provided a new revision to compile that fixes the issue.

Third-party launchers like Forge are also affected and are not always automatically updated. Please check with your client provider to see if they have an update issued for the fix for this vulnerability.

Bedrock players are unaffected by this issue and need not worry. 

For more information regarding the issue and updates pertaining to it, please follow the Minecraft twitter account or other official Minecraft social media channels. 

As we do not provide any clients for Minecraft ourselves. we are unaffected by this vulnerability. We just wanted to make sure all of our users were informed.

We also recommend joining our discord server to keep up to date with changes that arise both with Minecraft and with the website.

Stay safe everyone and have a nice weekend,



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