MineCraft 1.11: The Exploration Update

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[Update #1] 


Curse enchantments:
Curse of Binding:
- When an item is equipped, you can't remove it until it's durability breaks it.
Curse of Vanishing:
- When you die with the item in your inventory, the item disappears.

Observer Block:
- Ported from Pocket Edition
- Used for BUD updates for redstone contraptions
- Old BUD switches still work.

Portal to escape the End:
- Randomly generated portals that take you back to the center island to leave the End Dimension

Shulker Shell:
- Used to make Shulker Box

Shulker Box:
- Portable storage
- Items do not fall out when broken and remain when the item is placed again.

Cartographer Villager (used to be the Librarian):
- Sells map related items
- Sells a woodland and water treasure maps

Treasure Map:
- Shows point of interest locations on a map for players to go looking for.
- Small dot means you are very far away from the location.

Location command:
- Creative/Cheat command to locate structures such as EndCities or Pyramids.

Woodland Mansion:
- Randomly generated rare structure in a woodland biome
- Considered an overworld dungeon.
- Contains new hostile mobs: Evoker, Vindicator, Vex.

- Mansion dweller with an axe.

- Mansion dweller with magical powers
- Summons imp-like creatures: Vexus
- Fang spell raises spikes out of the floor to damage attackers

- Flying imp-like creatures that damage attackers.

Totem of Undying:
- Prevents death from a killing blow.
- Provides short duration absorbtion.
- Provides short duration regeneration.

- Yeah... Llamas from Jeb_'s tweet.
- They can be "swagged out" with carpet.
- Ridable
- Similar to Donkeys can have chests.
- Will automatically create a caravan of Llamas if being led by a rope.
- Will scare away wolves by spitting at them.

Snapshot to release Wednesday, September 28th.

Thanks for reading.

Jens has announced that the 1.11 update is officially titled the "exploration" update. I will update this tomorrow when features are annoucned.




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