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User profiles are something I made really early on. The intention was to provide a sort of informative page about yourself. 
Who you are --  your Bio. What servers you own/manage. As well as some other bits of information that would be implemented later on. 

Overtime, it has become more apparent to me that profiles could use an overhaul. They could be a bit more interactive like making it a social media page for yourself to post statuses and such. Though I think that's a bit pointless for this site. 

That all being said, we have two options as of right now. Do away with profiles [pages] for now or overhaul them eventually.
The reality of it is that this is a server list website first and foremost. The direction I do want to take Gemini is ultimately make it a community. Though I think that's too broad and we should stick with the basic necessities.

Anyways, let's discuss this in the comments. I'm interested to hear opinions.

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