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I've been thinking about how to implement inline commenting. (Aka commenting on a comment) and I think I will be able to begin working on that today. i think the limit will be 1 inline comment per tree. That means you will only be able to comment on the main comment thread and will not be able to comment on a second comment in a main thread.

Along with inline comments, comment notifications, and notifications in general) should come along with this, but may not be implemented right away.


Now the less interesting addition: Mass Mail

Admins now have the ability to message all users at once. At the moment this system is clunky and will probably break the site if we had 10,000+ users (Maybe even a few hundred). For now, we're fine, but I will be incrementally tweaking the feature to be a bit more friendly to larger amounts of users. A test message as well as update will go out later today detailing what this feature will be used for.


If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below!

Thanks everyone!


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