Gemini Update 2-18-2020

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Hello everyone. Thanks for using Gemini Servers. I've put a lot of time into this project and I hope you get what you need out of it. As always, if you don't please let me know what you need and I will try to accomodate.

Alright, let's get into the updates. Not a ton of interesting things tonight, but I wanted to share them anyways.

+Tweaked white/grey list applications.
-- These tweaks adjust who can apply and who can't. Prior to this tweak, people could only apply once per household. Which made it harder for multiple people in one house to apply to the same server for each person.

+Tweaked the applications page.
-- Server owners should now be the only people to see the "Accept" and "Decline" buttons. Note: They aren't functional at this moment. So this posed no risk to application manipulation.

+Fixed server application notifications
-- They now link to the correct applications page and display who and what server it is for. 

I believe that is really all of the updates for tonight. Minus so other stuff that most people may not have noticed.
Don't forget that we have a discord server you can join! Chat, ask for help, advertise your server(s). Whatever you want, really!

See you soon,

Gemini Servers Administrator

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