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A mass message was sent out silently announcing these features to current users. I want to detail these additions publically now.


Gemini Coins: 

Gemini Coins will be an earnable and purchaseable currency that members will be able to collect.

These coins will then be useable to purchase different features on the site.

some ideas on features are as follows:

1. Ad Free site viewing. (Adblockers work too, but this is a way for users to

support us while not having to see ads)

2. Server page additions. Including, but not limited to, extra image slots, disabled ads on server page, add additional tab features that I can't remember what I had planned before, and more. Welcome to suggestions!

3. Potentially allow users to buy a single double vote. This would likely be a weekly or monthly allowable purchase and would not be allowed more than once in that time. Servers would also have the option to disallow such a vote. Which would mean the user wouldn't be allowed to buy the double vote in the first place. (Server specific)


I really can't remember the rest, but I'll add them when I do. Leave suggestions below!

~ Codewow


[Update] Removed Gemini Tokens. The idea was to

convert coins into tokens to purchase things, but that seems pointless.

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