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We all love to get emails, right? ... Right? Okay so maybe not all of us like full inboxes. That's why email notification settings are here!

Everything is set to off by default. You may turn on the emails you wish to receive.


Here are the current setting options:
1. All non-essential emails. (Enable/disable all emails that aren't important)
2. Notification emails -- Unread notification emails.
3. Comment notifications -- Emails if someone replies to your comment or comments on your server.
4. PM Notifications -- Email when someone private messages you.
5. Gemini News -- Emails when we post a news update. Example: This post.
6. Server Status --  Email alerts when Gemini Servers detects that your server appears be offline.

That's all of the current options, but more will be added over time. At the moment, you won't receive any emails even if these options are enabled.

I'm still working on the backend systems for delivering these emails.

Email you later,

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