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Now that we're public, it's time to layout what exactly that means. You'll notice some things that don't exist yet or things that are there, but don't work.

There is a lot of stuff I need to work on. Some are more important than others. Some things will take more time than others. I would love for feedback on what users would like to see come first. Suggestions are always welcome, and to better manage them, I will be adding a bug/feedback tracker soon™. 


So here are some things to come (Not in any particular order):

1. Account settings. 

Once account settings are officially setup, an inbox message will be sent out to all users notifiying them of the options becoming available. We will also make an announcement here on our news page. All settings that are considered ever remotely sensitive will be disabled. One exception to this will be the blocking of inbox messaging which will not be enabled.

2. Server pages

Server pages are at a static point right now and that needs to change.

3. Server (page) settings

Server pages need their own settings. Not everyone uses votifier, not everyone wants a buildrights application button. All this stuff should be optional.

4. Site-wide layout

I'm not great at the whole design aspect of things. I've improved over time, but I need to work on it. The site as of right now isn't absolutely puke worthy, but most pages aren't responsive and that's a problem.

5. Profile editing.

The profiule editing page is pretty ugly. I need to change it around and add some stuff. The basics absolute basics are there though.

6. Profile settings.

Yes, more settings! Not everyone wants to be added as a friend or have messaging enabled or servers displayed publically, etc. These should all be options at some point.

7. Server filtering/Tabs

The original idea was that we tier the list into 3 separate sections. Smaller servers would be displayed first with tabs to change between the two higher tiers. Aka hypixel won't be on the small server tier.

And more! 

More to come soon. I need to get back to work.

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