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Well, it’s been quite a 2018 now hasn’t it? Gemini has seen its best year in its existence and I can’t thank everyone enough. I do apologize for the lack of anything the last two months. I’ve been working on another project while I try to figure out the issues pertaining to PocketEdition server listings. Which has been a larger task than I originally thought. I believe it to be specifically on our hosts end and not the website in general. 

Theres no way for me to upgrade our hosting without a nearly guaranteed revenue stream. We have ads, but as you can probably guess, they give us nearly nothing. They’re optional for a good reason. I’m willing to foot the bill at this point because it’s managable. To grow we need more funding. 


My personal goal was to have multiple forms of revenue. Ads, “Gemini Coins”, and donations. 

The ads would include banners, optionally. As well as, video ads that would reward you with Gemini Coins to purchase features for your server page or other user features. That has been a work in progress and hasn’t had much progress as of right now. Donations are always welcome, but it’s not really viable for long term sustainability. 


Again, thank you everyone for making 2018 such an amazing year for me personally. Being a novice web developer working alone is a challenge, but it’s an enjoyable experience. More updates are to come in time.


Appreciate ya,


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