Content Feeds and Comment Enhancements

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**Content Feeds and Comment Enhancements are here in an early release version! ** 

Here's the changelog and what's still needing work.

+ Content Feeds (For Community Pages only during testing) (Think Twitter/Facebook posting)

+ Content Feels (For Content Feeds only at the moment) (Think a reaction button)

+ YouTube video polling (Community Page only during testing) This pulls videos directly from your youtube channel by using your youtube channel id. Up to 10 of your latest videos can be displayed on your page, plus any videos you add manually.

+ Comment Mentions <@148980499656736771> style. (Some work to be done here. Notifications currently only say "Someone mentioned you in a comment" without a link to it or any other details, soooo yeahhh.. That needs some work. )

~Updated CKEditor across multiple places. (This was mainly for getting comment mentions working and will expand to each textarea later on.)

Hmm well out of the 222+ commits, that's all I can really remember...

Things that still need to be done:

~ Load more on reply comments. Threads can run indefinitely right now and if everyone keeps mentioning each other, it'll get unscrollable.

~ Content posts automatically displaying video embeds when posting links. 

~ Notifications actually telling you who, what, and where you were mentioned at so you don't have to look across the entire site.

~ Notifications page overhaul because it is getting unmanageable on my end.

~ Dedicated page for content feeds. So that you can just focus on viewing feeds specifically without all the other distractions.

~ Comment sorting options. 

~ Comment Feels (Reactions per comment)

~ Content Share Button

~ @server Mentions in comments. Links to the server/shows a card with some info on it.

I'm sorry this wasn't out earlier. There were a lot of hurdles to cover and I have a lot going on in life right now. As always, I hope to put in more time this year to getting all of the best features I can out to you all. Please please please let your friends/family/youtube or twitch subscribers about the site or even just this community! Every bit of support like that helps motivate me to continue putting out new features for you to use for free!

More cool stuff coming soon hopefully! Thank you all and have a great 2023.
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