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Community Pages are here! We have released an early version of Community Pages that utilize the new "Extra Links" and "More Videos" capabilities. Essentially allowing you to add important links to your page or have multiple videos displayed for viewers to watch.

Not only that, we added the ability to enter your YouTube channel ID on your community page settings. Doing so allows you to set how many of your most recent YouTube uploads are displayed on your page. With a maximum of 10 videos allowed. (Subject to change)

Our first two communities are already up and running. SyroCraft: a gaming community that started with Minecraft 2009 and has evolved into many other games over time. At one point, including a server for each list Gemini Servers currently offers!

Our second community is of an up and coming youtuber that goes by MyNameIsJeffReacts. Jeff started his youtuber career doing action and comedy skits with his cousin and friends. Overtime he found enjoyment in producing reaction videos, focusing on the music industry, where his channel has since taken off. He looks to grow in the area of gaming as well and invites all PeffJunkies to join him on his discord channel.

PeffJunkies United Discord Channel

Check out MyNameIsJeffReacts Community Page here

More features are still in the works for community pages. Which will then come to all other pages soon after. Stay tuned for the introduction of content feeds, updated image uploading tools, and much more!

As always join our discord server to stay up to date with the day to day progress on new features, bug fixes, and more.

See you soon,

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