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You can now directly report comments when you come across them. Once a comment is reported, we will look it over and decide how to proceed with the report. 

There are many reasons you may want to report a comment. While we will not punish you for using the wrong reason. We will punish anyone for abusing the system. False reporting is a bannable offense. So is reporting legitimate comments repeatedly. 

The system is in place to reduce spam and nefarious actors.

Here are some legitimate uses for reporting a comment:

  1.  Another user is advertising their server on your server page.
  2. A user is advertising their server on news pages.
  3. A user is spamming your server page.
  4. A user is pretending to be someone.
  5. A user has an inappropriate name or avatar picture.
  6. A user posts links to unrelated websites.
  7. A user is attempting to scam someone or phishing for personal information.
  8. A user is harassing or posting derogatory content.
  9. Many other things. Use your best discretion. We will not punish those we believe to be utilizing the feature in the best interest of the website.

Examples of how not to use the feature:

  1. (Do NOT) Report someone for having a different opinion than your own.
  2. (Do NOT) Report someone for reporting you.
  3. (Do NOT) Report someone for trying to be helpful.
  4. (Do NOT) Report someone for asking a question. (Even if it's redundant or "common knowledge", try to be helpful when you can.)
  5. (Do NOT) Report someone for the 'fun' of it.
  6. Any other potential scenarios that could be seen as abusive or waste of time. 

I hope this feature never has to be used, but because I know that it will. I will be continuing to expand the scope of the report system to automatically apply temporary actions to help assist in dealing with the amount of reports that could be received.

That's all for now. Be nice to each other,

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