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A big change for a big industry!

Game Golem is a gaming and technology aggregation site that allows users to post shared content (videos, news, memes, etc) as well as write original content (reviews, news, opinions, etc)

Our founder is actually the same person as the one to make this website! @codewow!


Heads up! The Game Golem website is being taken down until further notice. With great disdain, I announce that the Game Golem website will be taken offline today. 

I'm sorry for such short notice. The hosting price adds up to an expenditure I cannot afford to fund personally anymore. Because of this, the website will be taken down. Backups of all the data have been taken and can be used to restore the site if feasible. The domain will be redirected to this page so we can continue to post content related to the gaming and tech industry.

I fully expect to bring the site back online, but it is also an underdeveloped project and much of the focus went to other sites. At some point, I hope that can change.

For now, it's a “See ya later.”

Thank you,

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