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Short Description A PvE focused server. Has economy, custom monsters, shops, land claim, slimefun, silktouch spawners, and more!   IP: uraniumcraft.my.pebble.host Version: 1.14.4 Server Location: USA (South)   Snazzy Intro Are you tired of new server owners being lazy? They download plugins but rarely customize them? Never listen to the community feedback? Well have I got a surprise for you!   Backstory of the server Welcome to Uranium Craft. A true successor of a small close knit server called cobalt craft. Long ago,  in a galaxy far far away, a person named Zalmar created a server called cobalt craft. He was fair. No pay 2 win kits. Not grindy shops that you need to spend weeks to buy a spawner. Listened to the community and was usually chill and honest   However all good things come to an end, zalmar couldn't afford to keep the server up. We did not question his income but was sad to see such a good server die…   We tried joining another recreation of Cobalt craft but we were unsatisfied with it. Pay 2 win kits, grindy shops, guns for some reason were on the server?. Toxic admins who give each other free ranks and cheated with ./back during ender dragon fights…   Unhappy, we scrounged up what we could and made our own server. Joe has been working on it nonstop. He even pulled an all nighter config shops and jobs…   Features of the server! Slime fun! A modpack inside a plugin for vanilla minecraft! Double your iron! Make Energy and Nuclear Reactors. Beef Jerky. Weapons. Endless fun! Don’t worry, you need to research all the tech and magic first so don't expect players to be running around with nuclear reactors on day 1 GUI Shop! A menu based shop. Fair prices, not grindy or pay 2 win Elite Mobs! Tired of all those easy monsters. Do you want a challenge at night instead of pwning all zombies and creepers like they aint crap? ‘ Well now those zombies and other monsters have a chance to spawn as a elite mob. Elites usually have more health and sometimes special powers. Also they hurt a lot more than their weaker vanilla variants Don’t worry, if it gets too hard the monsters have a chance to drop enchanted loot (Sometimes custom enchants!) (Look for elite protection or elite sharpness to for much better resistance/attack against elites only) Elite gear shops! Quests! Coins! Events! Bosses! And a “pet” Balrog. (If you wanna find a “pet” Balrog just go dig some stone. (Careful he bites) Auction House! Wanna sell some cool treasure or tech you found/made? Well now you can! You just type a command and can see what players are selling and you can buy stuff or even put up your own auction for selling treasures you found! Silk Touch Spawners Have you ever wanted to pick up a blaze spawner or cave spider spawner? Well as long as you have a silk touch enchantment on your pickaxe you can freely snag a spawner without having to buy one!
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Staff icon,Administrator Codewow 10/06/2018 03:19am
We're having some server issues at the moment as well. I'm looking into it, but don't think I'll be able to fix it tonight.
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Staff icon, Administrator Codewow 10/06/2018 01:53pm
The PE submission feature is currently broken and can’t parse Pocket Edition Servers. I’ll work on it today.
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