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This is a small vanilla server with a few vanilla tweaks (none are final, we are just testing them out). We are a small group of friends from Germany in our mid 20s who have been enjoying Minecraft since our school years. We have always been keen on playing together and having fun in this virtual world. 
At this point in time, we have figured out, sharing this great experience with more people is even better, especially because not all of our school friends play Minecraft anymore.

Living in a world not only by ourselves is a lot more enjoyable and fun! Seeing buildings grow and other things being built from other people is just a great feeling and gives so much joy.

There are no set rules on where you have to be on the server, it would be cool if we are all closer together so we can see each other from time to time or build bigger projects together. We can always connect each other through the nether 
You have total freedom of everything as long as you respect the few rules so everyone can have the best possible vanilla experience.


- This is a vanilla server and there are no mods installed.
- We try to use the latest snapshots, since we love testing out the new features from mojang. 
- We do everything in survival, no creative or other game modes. 
- There will be no commands for items/levels/spawning etc. Literally the scoreboard command will be used, because we like to see how often someone dies when pressing tab 

We are testing out some data packs(my first time ever), just to tweak the experience a tiny bit. These are not final and might be changed in the future, depending on what the majority thinks is too much or needs to be added.

- Mob Heads have a chance of dropping on a kill (Reason: Fun)
- Player Heads will drop if killed by a player (Reason: Fun)
- The Enderdragon will drop an elytra (Reason: this helps the long marches through the end when it’s been raided for thousands of blocks already)
- Shulkers drop 2 shells each (Reason: Same as above, but this might be too much)
- XYZ and Time Display (Reason: Ability to show only the Coordinates and Direction instead of the whole F3 screen, which is overwhelmed by information and text)
- AFK Display (Reason: To see if someone is afk and not active)
Multiplayer Sleep (Reason: Only 1 person needs to sleep, like in Singleplayer)

If you are interested just join our discord server: or leave a comment below to get in touch!

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Welcome to Gemini Servers! Just so you know, you can add a discord widget to your page through your server settings! I should probably make such features a bit more visible for the future! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
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