World of WarCraft and Discord Servers are Here!

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If you have not noticed yet, there are two new lists available for server owners.

World of Warcraft servers have been around for over a decade and provide the nostalgia trip for veterans or gateway to a new experience for others. Using TrinityCore, MangOS, or one of the other MMO Frameworks you too can have your own World of Warcraft private server and you can list it too!

If you add your WoW server and want to enable your server status. Reach out to us to get our web server script that will be used to output your server status.

Discord servers are here as well! A great way to expand your game servers potential reach. List your discord server with an invite link and grow your community.

More features are to come as I think of them. A way to verify server ownership is being investigated as well.

As always, feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Head over to our discord server or leave a comment!


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