Development Update! (Sorry for the silence for so long!)

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So it's been almost an entire month since I posted the last update, huh? Woops... My bad!

Anyways, things are slowly moving along. As you should know I have been working on the redesign for the site and it's been moving along well.
So far I've gotten a few pages done, listed below:

Edit: Added links.
1. Home page(Server list -- yeah I am finally making that change!)
2. News List.
3. Add A Server pages
4. All help pages (except the contact us page still..) 
5. error page (Which is kind of pointless... I should really just make it be on the same page... but we'll see)

And thta's really it. I have started the server page, but that will take a bit to get right. Then there's all of the other pages such as: account settings, server settings, notifications, messages, and so on. But once these pages listed are in a ready-state, we can switch over to the new layout.

Though the colors should be finalized first. I don't really want it looking the way it does with the colors it currently has. I'll make those changes sooner than later.

Anyways, sorry for the late updates!


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