I need some ideas.

Posted by: Codewow Posted on: 2017-04-10 19:53:41

So I've been contemplating different features. The most specific one is having Dynmap on server pages. There's one problem and it doesn't have an easy fix. 

The problem I have now with adding Dynmap is that it has the potential to be exploited. Currently the only way I know of implementing this involves displaying the dynmap page on the server page. (Toggleable, obviously.) 

There is no real verification that can be done at this point. Thus no real way to prevent someone from being a jerk.

This is one feature I really want implemented, however, so I am doing my best to sift through the dynmap source to see if there's a way I can implement it myself.

If anyone has any suggestions on what other features you want to see, let me know.


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